Fiesta Medal

Brackenridge Park Conservancy Fiesta Medals are here! Our 2024 medal is a tribute to the celebration of Brackenridge Park's 125th year! It features the circa-1877 Pump House No. 1 and a replica of the historic coin created by San Antonio National Bank in memory of founder, George W. Brackenridge. 

Supplies are limited - get yours while they last!

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$15 each or 2 medals for $25

¡Viva Fiesta! ¡Viva Brackenridge!

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Stakeholder Advisory Committee

Brackenridge Park Conservancy (BPC) is co-chairing with the City of San Antonio, a community planning effort to reconcile plans for the park. Brackenridge is the backyard for all San Antonians. We want to ensure that it is honored for generations to come.

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Brackenridge Park Conservancy is currently under search for a new President and CEO. The incoming leader of BPC will join an organization that, by virtue of its planning work and coordination with the City, River Authority, other organizations, and surrounding communities, is on the precipice of dramatic impact. This leader will have the opportunity to work in partnership with the City and the community to elevate the needs of the Park and create positive solutions to enhance its future. 

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Revealing the Park's History

In July 1863, the Union Army defeated Confederate forces at Vicksburg, effectively taking control of the Mississippi River and stranding 50,000 soldiers on the river's west side. Left to supply shoes, harnesses, saddles, and more for these soldiers, Confederate army quartermasters turned their attention to a tannery in San Antonio, on land that today is in Brackenridge Park. Details of this story and so many others about Brackenridge Park are revealed in San Antonio author Lewis F. Fisher's latest book, “Brackenridge: San Antonio’s Acclaimed Urban Park”. Click here for more of Richard Marini's article about the tannery in the Express News. To purchase the book, click here.

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Landscape Report

The Brackenridge Park landscape contains an astonishing 12,000 years of documented prehistoric and human interaction with the upper course of the San Antonio River. In that span, its 120-year existence as a municipal park is relatively short. Brackenridge Park is thus more than a municipal park...

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Every San Antonian has a memory of Brackenridge Park — family gatherings under the shade trees, driving through the low water crossing, riding the paddle boats on the river. Enjoying Brackenridge Park has been a part of our shared history for more than a century.

Situated just below the headwaters of the San Antonio River, the site of Brackenridge Park has been an oasis for humans for 12,000 years, from indigenous people who found water, food, and shelter here to Park visitors today who come to relax along the river, to wade in the low water crossing with their children, and to explore the Park's historic sites and some of San Antonio's most beloved attractions.

Brackenridge Park is free and open daily from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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