What is a Conservancy?

A conservancy is a nonprofit park-benefit organization that fills in the gaps of public park agencies, including raising money, overseeing construction and maintenance, and developing programming.

Who is the Brackenridge Park Conservancy?

The Brackenridge Park Conservancy is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and Advisory Board comprised of civic and community leaders.

Who does the park belong to?

The Brackenridge Park Conservancy has no monetary stake in the Park, and Brackenridge Park remains a City-owned park.

What is the mandate of the Conservancy?

In a cooperative management agreement, the City of San Antonio empowers the Brackenridge Park Conservancy to raise funds to benefit the Park; develop programming and projects free to the public; support the evolution and implementation of plans with community and civic partners; and build community support for the well-being of the Park.

What are the goals of the Conservancy?

As a voice for those who use and cherish Brackenridge Park, the Brackenridge Park Conservancy represents the interests of Park users, now and into the future, by building consensus and a sense of stewardship in the community, by unifying the Park as one coherent place, and by augmenting resources dedicated to the Park, including volunteers, expertise, funding, and advocacy.

Who are partners of the Conservancy?

Since 2009, the Brackenridge Park Conservancy has been forging strong relationships with the City of San Antonio, Bexar County, the San Antonio River Authority, the Conservation Society of San Antonio, and many other public and private groups to protect, preserve, and restore your Park.