What’s new for Brackenridge Park 

We want to make sure that the public is aware of next steps for Brackenridge Park and that the conservancy is here to:

  1. Heal Brackenridge Park’s ecology
  2. Protect and celebrate the park’s many layers of historic significance and cultural diversity
  3. Elevate the park’s identity locally and nationally
  4. Usher the park into the 21st century

Brackenridge Park Conservancy (BPC) is co-chairing with the City of San Antonio (COSA) a community planning effort to reconcile plans for the park. Brackenridge is the backyard for all San Antonians. We want to ensure that it is honored for generations to come. 

In May 2023, City Council approved funding from the Midtown TIRZ to support a new community planning effort for Brackenridge Park. In June 2023, City Manager Erik Walsh reconstituted the Brackenridge Park Stakeholder Advisory Committee the role of the Advisory committee is to facilitate public engagement and information sharing as the City begins to consider future development opportunities within Brackenridge Park.

In addition to informing the Reconciled Plan and Project Inventory, the Stakeholder Advisory will continue to review and provide feedback on City projects moving forward. Specifically, the effort will consider the following: 

The result will be a Reconciled Plan and Project Inventory for Brackenridge park that:

  • Consolidates the goals and objectives of the plans 
  • Provides an inventory of uncompleted projects that were identified in the plans 
  • Delivers a new evaluation tool and process that will inform future decisions

This new evaluation tool was developed by the Brackenridge Park Stakeholder Advisory Committee through public input. It will be used to inform future decisions about project selection, development, and design. Draft Guiding Principles and Evaluation Criteria can be found below.

Guiding Principles 

Community Feedback – 01/08/2024 

Community Feedback – 01/30/2024 

Meeting Information:

Community Workshop:

Click HERE to view the survey results from Community Workshop.

More information and next steps can be found on COSA’s website.