What's Next for "the People's Park"?

Oct 29 2016

With a divisive, nasty national election right round the corner it’s hard to focus fully on a local election that’s more than six months off. But the City of San Antonio bond election coming up next May is likely to affect most folks in and around the city as much, if not more than, the winner of the presidential cage fight.

The 2017 bond election will be the largest in San Antonio history – a whopping $850 million bucks worth of projects. Voters will say yea or nay to five separate parts of the bond: improvement of city streets, sidewalks and bridges, drainage and flood control, parks and recreation, facilities, and neighborhood improvements.  Over the next few months, five citizen's bond oversight committees – one of each section – will debate, massage and refine more precisely how the money in each part of the proposal will be spent.

Voters can make a difference by staying involved and informed about the bond. If you think plain old citizens can’t make much of a difference when it comes to multi-million-dollar city projects, consider the recent case of the Brackenridge Park Master Plan.

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