Camping at Brackenridge Park is a cherished Easter tradition in San Antonio

Apr 16 2017 - Written By: John MacCormack
Photo By: Kin Man Hui, Staff / San Antonio Express-News

Like the white egrets that come each spring to roost in the cypress trees along the river, hundreds of San Antonians flock to Brackenridge Park every Easter weekend to camp out, enjoy family gatherings and take a short break from ordinary life.

“We forget about reality for a while. We’re not far from home, but we feel like we are. We hang out. We celebrate birthdays. We play games with the kids,” said Witte Museum.

“I’ve been coming here since I can remember. Mainly it’s just because we want to get together. I love all my family,” she said Saturday while getting her hair done by a niece amid a settlement of a dozen tents and as many coolers.

And on this cool, green spring morning, it seemed like the perfect place to pause and enjoy life. No radios blared, everyone was mellow and the park was busy but not over-crowded.

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