Staff & Board

As advocates for the park, members of the Brackenridge Park Conservancy’s Board of Directors play active roles in preserving and enhancing the Park’s natural, historic and recreational resources for the enjoyment of current and future generations. The Board of Advisers of the Brackenridge Park Conservancy brings together stakeholders to address the needs of the park as one voice.

Executive Committee (Voting)

Joe D. Calvert President
Thomas W. Christal Vice President
Mary M. Fisher Secretary
Louis “Duke” Barnes Treasurer
Lynn Osborne Bobbitt Executive Director

Board of Directors (Voting)

Andrew R. Casillas Robin P. Howard
Ramiro A. Cavazos Suzanne Mathews
Katie G. Harvey Corinna Holt Richter
Dean Hobbs Richard R. Shaw
Nicolas Hollis Kimberley M. Wolf
Xavier D. Urrutia,
Ex-Officio Member of the Board of Directors
Director of Parks and Recreation Department

Advisory Board Members (Non-Voting)

Darryl Byrd Maria Pfeiffer
Kathleen Davis Ethel T. Runion
Everett L. Fly  

Park Stakeholder Advisors (Non-Voting)

Alex Antram Executive Director, Headwaters at Incarnate Word
Pamela Ball AssociateDirector, Headwaters at Incarnate Word
Joanie Brooks President, Mahncke Park Neighborhood Association
Mary Carriker Executive Director, The First Tee
Rob Cole CFO, San Antonio Zoological Society
Janet Dietel President, San Antonio Conservation Society
John Paul Giolma Director, San Antonio Botanical Society
Julie Huls CEO, The Doseum
Kathy Krnavek Second Vice President, San Antonio Conservation Society
Marilyn McCullough Board Member, Tuesday Musical Club
Marise McDermott President & CEO, Witte Museum
Vincent L. Michael Executive Director, San Antonio Conservation Society
Tim Morrow President & CEO, San Antonio Zoological Society
Dana Nichols Conservation Manager, San Antonio Water System
Patty Leslie Pasztor Natural Resources Consultant/Author
Abigail Kinnison Rodriguez Manager of Facility Programs, Via Metropolitan Transit
Jim Roschek President & CEO, Municipal Golf Association of San Antonio
Mary Jane Verette President of San Antonio Parks Foundation
Ralph C. Voight, Jr Vice President of Visitor Experience, Witte Museum
Bridget Hinze Webber Executive Office Administrator, San Antonio River Authority


Kristina M. Salinas Assistant to the Executive Director
Dora Ann Verde Certified Public Accountant