Rivard Resport: Brackenridge Park to Gather Community Input through ‘Event-Based Master Planning’

By: James McCandless

Posted on: October 03, 2016

Photo by: Scott Ball

The San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department will host a series of events at Brackenridge Park in October and November to showcase the Brackenridge Park Draft Master Plan and how it can improve the existing park.

Each event is free and open to the public and will highlight the master plan’s goals, which include increasing the park’s visibility and pedestrian access, preserving cultural and historic attributes, and restoring natural park features.

At first glance, the events – which range from painting classes to a Halloween costume contest to a bike tour – don’t appear to be designed for community input. But in a Monday phone interview with the Rivard Report, Xavier Urrutia, director of the City’s Parks and Recreation Department, said that the events represent a new approach to community engagement and are meant to showcase what the park has to offer today while ensuring that patrons have a say in what happens in its future.

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